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Eat. Sleep. Speak. Smile. THRIVE!

> Lip and Tongue-Tie Surgery in New York & Philadelphia

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We understand that bringing an infant or child in for an initial appointment can be nerve wracking, especially during these challenging times. TOTsDOC provides complimentary virtual consultations! 

> TOTsDOC provides Tongue & Lip-Tie Surgery =)


TOTsDOC treats infants and children with Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs), such as Lip and Tongue-Ties, to help with nursing, feeding, airway, sleep, speech, and dental issues.

Not all children with oral restrictions need surgical intervention. We provide a thorough functional assessment and evaluation to determine if your child needs the procedure. We help coordinate care with important healthcare team providers such as lactation consultants, speech and language pathologists, myofunctional therapists, and other specialists as needed pre-and post-procedure.

TOTsDOC provides laser treatments for the pediatric population, from infancy through the late teenage years. 

Our services are available throughout New York and Philadelphia: Easily accessible to NJ, all NYC Boroughs, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland. We also provide complimentary virtual consultations.

Meet Dr. Abhinav Sinha, your Lip & Tongue-Tie Pediatric Dental Specialist.

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How we can help your child.

Lip-Tie Treatment

A lip-tie occurs when the tissue connecting the upper lip to the upper gum restricts your child's mouth mobility.

Tongue-Tie Treatment

A tongue-tie occurs when your child's frenulum restricts tongue mobility, leading to breastfeeding issues and problems later into adulthood.

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